Maleficent for Cosplay!

New Young Maleficent Premium Cosplay HornsAmazing Young Maleficent Premium Cosplay Horns Headdress

Our 3D designers have taken our new design maleficent inspired horns back to the meshing table for a heavy makeover specifically for the cosplay and comicon crowd! They have given these horns a really spectacular facelift and have added beautifully sculpted realistic texture, shaping, complex ridging and bony muscularity that was not present in our original new design horns. These will be real crowd pleasers and their weight will definitely increase the ooh factor at only .7 ounces per horn! Yes you heard me correctly, these horns are about the same weight (headband, horns and all) as three stacked compact discs or less than 1/4 the weight of comparable resin horns...This is no exaggeration, we have made a real reputation on this. If this is your first time hearing about Mud And Majesty, we design and 3D print Ultra lightweight, durable, fantastic looking headpieces for Cosplayers, photo shoots, stage plays, costume parties and just plain fun for all ages. You can find us on Etsy at or visit our official website at for Cosplay exclusives that we do not offer in our shop.

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